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Jun. 16th, 2012


for fermenters/ kombucha drinkers

I am part of an underground traditional food/ brewing revival. My daughter just loves homemade kombucha and talks to the cultures with me.
This is my latest article for Elephant Journal about how to make homemade kombucha using a tasty 2nd anaerobic fermentation technique. Easy peasy and delish!



p.s I forgot to mention on the air valve you are supposed to fill up to the fill line with water to create a true seal :)

Jun. 4th, 2012



I hate you PMS

I'm looking for your best PMS remedies. My whole cycle tends to be pretty dramatic and out of whack but the PMS brings upon increased anxiety, crying spells, mood swings, etc. I know of remedies that help with those specific symptoms but maybe I should go more the route of healthy hormone support? Either way, bring on the tips!

Side note, I take a B Complex vitamin daily all month.

May. 28th, 2012




Just an introduction so you all know who I am before I post on anything (: New to the comm but not to living naturally.

I'm Risa, 40's, currently living in America. I'm mom to 20-yos and 18-yod, we've been living naturally most of their lives. My tribes: Peaceful Parenting, Cloth diapering, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, vegan + whole foods, life-led learning (unschooling), holistic healing (herbalism, aromatherapy, reiki, flower remedies, etc), food-growing, food-making, fermenting (Booch, tibicos, lacto-fermented foods and all that fun stuffs), lactivist, intactivist, abolitionist, too many more to mention. Like to read, chat, listen to music, hike, swim, and basically just hang out in the outdoors.

My family live on a ranch and we try to make as many choices possible that do not negatively impact the planet or harm others. Not always easy, but many choices are much easier than I originally feared they would be. We're multi-cultural, husband is (Native) American and I'm Asian + Spanish. I grew up in another country so I predominantly watch either Japanese or Spanish-language programmes and films.  I'd love to build a scrap Tiny House and cut more of our family's dependence on electricity.
I'm always keen to hear from other families who've been walking the road a while and anyone else who loves to try new and interesting wholistic roads. I'm a forever student so I'm looking forward to learning new things from all of you!

May. 26th, 2012


Newbie With a Question

Hi all. I’m brand new to the community, but not totally new to natural family living. My husband and I have been married for just over 2 years, and we have a gorgeous 10 month old little girl named haylie Elizabeth. She’s pretty much the light of my life, and she’s got her Daddy wrapped around her little finger in a major way. We cloth diaper, breastfeed, and baby wear. We also delayed solid foods until 6 months, though she didn’t start really getting into them until about a month ago. We fully vaccinated her until she was 4 months old, and then I put my foot down and we started declining some and delaying others. Now we’re following the Dr. Sears schedule. I had a very necessary emergency cesarean to deliver my girl, but we’re hoping for a home birth the next go round, whenever that may be. We’re planning to start TTC in another month or so.

Now that you know everything there is to know about me, I have a quick question. I looked in the essential oils tag and didn’t see what I wanted, and didn’t really know where else to look. So if this has been addressed before, I apologize. My husband and I are both having trouble sleeping at night. I was thinking about getting some lavender and/or chamomile essential oils, but I’m not really sure what to do with them. I would love to use them in a bath, but our bathtub is barely big enough for my right arm, let alone my whole body. Would I accomplish the same thing by putting the oils in a warm mist humidifier in our bedroom? If that would work, would it be safe for my daughter to inhale, since she sleeps in our room as well? I’m clearly an aromatherapy dunce, so please forgive me if this is obvious. Thank you, and I’m happy to be here!

May. 22nd, 2012



natural family and fish oil

Hi all,
Can anybody refer me to experienced family with natural consuming of fish oil? Or briefly to tell their experience here?
I mean from natural food (fish) and not from pills.
Such experiences have a great value for fish oil community and I want to share this information with fish oil dosage readers.
Thanks you in advance!

Mar. 3rd, 2012


Molloscum Yuckiness

My seven-year-old son was just diagnosed with molloscum yesterday.  His doctor told us to have him wash with cetaphil and leave it alone except for the few bumps that spread to his excema patches that we're suppose to put hydrocortisone on (he has mild eczema that flares up every few years but this is much worse than ever before and appeared suddenly a few days ago).  Anyway, when I got home I began looking on the web and was hit with a bunch of dramatic tales of the horrors of molloscum.  It might be all the reading I did but I swear it has spread since yesterday and if it continues to spread I think I'm going to try to battle it rather than wait for it to go away on its own (doctor said it will take a few months, web says it can take up to five years).  He has a really difficult time not picking his at his skin (ASD, OCD) and I have an 18-month-old and I really don't want her to get it.  So, has anyone had experience with this virus before and does anyone have any suggestions for me?  What to wash with, what to put on it, dietary suggestions?  I would appreciate any help!

Feb. 21st, 2012



Holy Basil, etc.

I was wondering if anyone has any other recommendations for herbs, vitamins, etc. that would work well with holy basil.

I had heart surgery in December (My second one) and the same thing happened this time as last time. I go through a huge phase of depression and anxiety while my body tries to re-sync itself and heal. Not sure if it's PTSD or what, but it's pretty severe. I also suffer a bit from SAD so the weather isn't helping. My zest, focus, etc checked out.
I started taking Holy Basil about one week ago after speaking with the nutritionist at our local health food store. I take one in the AM and one after dinner. It's definately helped but to a certain degree. It reduces the amount of crying spells I experience but I still suffer from surges of anxiety and such. I'm wondering if anyone takes holy basil or knows about it and has an idea of something else I could add?
I usually take B complex vitamins, D and C but haven't taken them in a few days. The B's seemed to lessen the effects of the Holy Basil and I don't want to overstimulate my nervous system because I struggle with keeping that in check typically and I suspect it's out of whack. I have 5HTP which I tried but it made me incredibly tired- I'm looking for more of something to take during the day. The Holy Basil has helped me sleep enough that it's not a problem. Functioning better during the day is the key.
Last time it literally took me close to a year to feel really close to my normal self so any tips to help speed this along would be appreciated! My Dr prescribed an SSRI which I tried but it was awful. Prescribed another one but would rather not try it if I can get this under control naturally.

Feb. 20th, 2012

coffee, tea


:: waves :: New around here.. ^-^

Hi there! I just wanted to do a short introductory post in case this is a really tight-knit community and you're all wondering who this new member is. ^-^ I'm finally getting back into LJ after a long hiatus and am looking to make some new friends and new connections.

I'm 29 and the mother of two beautiful children, a 11 yo and a 7 yo. I've practiced attachment parenting since I first learned about it and the principles of natural family living, when my son was a baby and I discovered Mothering Magazine. I went from being a Cry-It-Out parent who didn't breastfeed but was an intactivist.. to being an intactivist and breastfeeding advocate.. to being a freebirthing extended breastfeeding cloth diapering maniac lol. ^-^

Now that my kids are older I can especially see how important non-violent communication and peaceable parenting skills are (when they were babies I just had to take it on faith lol), because with the challenges of adolescence looming ... it just makes things so much more pleasant that I can talk things out with my son and not just have him shut me out. Yes it's more work but so so worth it.

I don't homeschool but I used to, until I had to go back to work, but now I'm a stay at home mom again and have so many doctors appointments my kids go to public school (they admittedly love it and have tons of friends). We don't eat all organic but do try to do whole foods whenever we can. I love to cook and am starting to more often as my health improves (slowly, slowly)... um what else... As I'm writing this my son is making origami water bombs and dropping them near his sister who is lounging outside in one of my dresses and explaining to her big brother that water bombs should only go on the ground and not on tables lol.

So that's me in a (big) nutshell. :: waves ::

Feb. 6th, 2012



meal time issues

Hi all!

I have an almost 7 year old who is rather particular about what foods she eats. Usually at dinner, she will "try" most foods, but then claim she is full if she doesn't like it. Our deal with her is that if she doesn't finish or put out a damn good effort, she doesn't get anything else to eat for the rest of the night. This is happening more and more frequently and I find myself being very frustrated with it.

Does anyone else have meal time issues? How do you deal with it?

Jan. 23rd, 2012



How much fish oil?

My 2.5 yr old loves (orange-flavored) cod liver oil. I usually cut him off after 3 or 4 spoonfuls, but he doesn't appreciate this.

So, is there such a thing as too much fish oil for a little guy? (He weighs 24 lbs.) Or would more be fine?

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