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cozyjeans in naturalfamily

Menstrual cups?

I’m 34 weeks along with my second baby, and will hopefully be delivering at home. I’ve been toying with the idea of taking the plunge into the world of menstrual cups when AF returns, but I’m kind of overwhelmed. Baby will be exclusively breast fed, but so was my daughter and AF still came back at 10 weeks postpartum, so that’s why I’m asking now. I was never a fan of tampons. I couldn’t get them in right, and they never fit comfortably. I’ve always been a pad user. I think I’ll get some Mama cloth to have on hand, but I really like the idea of a cup. So, for those of you who use them, what’s your favorite? If it matters, I’m a taller lady, around 5’10”, and have a pretty long vaginal canal.I was looking at the Moon cup on Amazon, but it only has a .8 ounce capacity, which really doesn’t seem like very much. Thoughts? Thanks!

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I'm sure you will get lots of help info here but I also recommend checking out this community:


The people there are SO helpful and they have diagrams and graphs of most all the cups on the market.

I do know that the Diva cup is one of the longer cups, if not the longest on the market. I used a size 1 Diva before and after I had my daughter. I was planning on moving up to a size 2 but then I got pregnant and I'm gonna have to wait. Although, I am thinking of getting a different cup just to try something new. I haven't much advice as I'm kind of in the same boat as you :)

(where did you/are you getting your mama cloth? i've looked on etsy and can't find much and Party in my Pants has a mam cloth kit for about 90$ but I'd like to look more before settling on something. And I swear I'm not stalking you! We follow a bunch of the same communities!)
Oh, I didn’t even think to look for a cup community. LOL, I guess there’s one for everything, huh? I don’t have any Mama cloth yet, but I have a friend who’s pretty handy with a sewing machine, so I think I’ll buy some fabric and have her make some for me. It’ll be a lot cheaper that way.
I'm half an inch taller than you, & I love the diva cup. I have a friend who is happy with 'the keeper' but i've handled it & it seems like it would be less comfy than the diva cup. The keeper is rubber while the diva cup is silicone. That is all I know.
Is the length of one's vaginal canal actually related to one's height? That seems.... odd.
I'm almost 5' 9" and I like my diva cup. I have been using it for awhile... well, before I started exclusively nursing my daughter. I had one leak and it's only because i didn't have it positioned right. I think they are worth a try. Tampons are SO bad! There's so many chemicals, etc. A menstrual cup is definitely the way to go in my opinion. Even if you don't love it and only end up using it at home, etc. it will pay for itself after a few cycles!
I am just shy of 5'9" and I love my diva cup. I used it with my paragard and I never had any leakage issues.
I started with a diva cup...loved it much better than tampons. I cut the stem since it was stiff and poked me. It was better, but not perfect. Then I switched to a lady cup and I love it!! Much softer and I don't feel the stem at all.

I'm amazed how much more comfortable these are than tampons. Even in the beginning and end of your period when things are light. On heavy days it is tricky for me to use a public bathroom, but it can be done.

I like that I'm not creating a lot of waste, that I don't have to pack a ton of tampons fo a trip, that I can't feel it's there...
Thanks. I think the softer, more flexible ones would be a good thing for me, at least to start with. Honestly, I haven’t tried to use a tampon in years, probably not since I became sexually active, so putting something up there might feel more comfortable now than it did when I was a teenager. Does the Lady cup come with a bag to carry it in like the Diva does?
It does! :) I bought mine years ago but they had different colors to choose from, too.
I have a Diva cup and it's actually a bit too long for me-- it feels poky on occasion-- but you shouldn't have the opposite problem since it's not meant to take up your whole vagina. .8 oz. is more than you think--the average period is 2-3oz. total.
I preferred the Moon Cup, but it was destroyed and in a pinch I had to get a Diva Cup from a local drug store. It's a bit long, but I trimmed the stem and it's okay.

I haven't had problems with leakage that weren't related to positioning (that is, the cup was never too full and overflowing, rather it was just in incorrectly). It took a cycle or two to get the position down properly, so I wore cloth pads/pantiliners as backup. Now I don't even really need to think about it. I got my last period while flying home from India and it was SO great to just have the one little cup and not have to worry about cloth to wash or pads/tampons to carry/dispose of. The cup really is pretty liberating.
I second the menstrual cups community.

I love the UK version of the mooncup but my grandmother lives there so I have access. I wonder if you could get one on the menstrual cup community? I personally found the Diva cup to be too soft and was very frustrated trying to get it in place where the Mooncup UK is more firm and just kind of pops open and stays there. Those are the only two I've tried and I haven't had a period for almost 2 years now soooo can't tell you what it's like to use one after childbirth yet haha. But pre-baby I loooooved my cup and would rave about them to anyone who would listen. There is a learning curve there but once you know how to do it they are just FABULOUS.
Oh also, I was never able to use tampons, either.

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