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henny81 in naturalfamily

What's Lazy Eyes?

The Doctor said that my daughter got Lazy Eyes. Does Anybody know about Lazy Eyes and the treatment for this kind of illness? I'm little confused to hear this news.


My friends daughter was cross eyed and they used regular Cranio sacral work and glasses to train her eyes, now she doesn't wear glasses anymore but whenever she is really tired starts to go cross eyed again.
That looks a good exercise, isn't it? Cause I don't want my lil daughter wear glasses.
I have a lazy eye - as it was described to my family one of my eye lids is a bit "lazier" then the other, just droops a slight bit. It's mostly noticeable when I'm tired. Didn't have to do anything growing up. If it becomes an issue later on in life there's surgery that can be done to correct it.
I think that's called ptsosis. Lazy eye deals with the actual eye.

I could be wrong, though.
Thank u for you reply. But actually, I don't know much better about Lazy Eyes, as the doctor said. My Online friend on Blogster has recommended me a link about Lazy Eyes. But I will be thankful, if other people recommend me another link.
Sounds like you are right. Appears my mom incorrectly called my issue lazy eye.
So, do you wear glasses? And is there any treatment for your lazy eyes?
Lazy eye is usually treated with a mixture of glasses and alternating patches on eyes. I believe it works to strengthen/train the muscles.
Yeah, it's the last alternative to give to my lil daughter.
I had a lazy eye when I was tiny (my one eye would turn out to the side). I had surgery when I was 4 and haven't had a problem since. I'm really thankful my parents got it fixed.
Mmmm....actually I hate listening "Surgery". Ho...ho...but it sounds good to recover the lazy eyes. Thank u so much...
In some cases it results from one eye being stronger than the other so the child over compensates with the stronger eye. In most cases it can be resolved with a patch and glasses and fairly quickly these days. If left alone it can result in greater vision problems over time and also difficulty with learning, headcahes and such.

Good luck and it should be a fairly quick fix.
Thank u,friend. Yes, Using Glasses is my last alternative after medicine.
Why are glasses some terrible evil to you? You seem to be projecting such a horrible body image to your daughter, because, God forbid your "lil" daughter wear glasses!!! (sarcasm)
The official term in amblyopia. It's when for whatever reason, the brain does not accept the same amount of information from one eye as the other. It is usually treated with patching the good eye to force the brain to accept information from the weaker eye.

My daughter was diagnosed when she was 2 years old and has worn glasses since then, and probably always will.. She also had to have surgery to rearrange her eye muscles because the amblyopia led to strabismus, which is a physical problem where the eye muscles don't align the eye properly. She has seen her opthalmologist every 1-3 months for the last 4 and a half years.

There is a wide range of treatments, depending on how significant the issue is. If it isn't treated properly, it can lead to complete blindness in the weak eye. This is not something that is fixed with a pill or medicine. Glasses are normally the first thing that the doctors do to try to fix the problem.
But God forbid her "lil" daughter wear terrible awful glasses!
I guess I would rather have an "ugly" little girl with glasses than a blind one! Although I do have to say that my daughter looks ADORABLE with her glasses.
So, did your daughter get surgery? And does she still wear glasses? Is Lazy Eyes same with Cylindrical Eyes?
Yes, she had surgery. It was an hour and a half long. The white part of her eye was peeled back, the muscles inside of her eye were cut, rearranged and sewn back together. It was a very very intensive surgery and if she did not wear glasses afterward, we would have to go through that again. She is nearly blind without her glasses. She will wear them forever. If your child cannot see, why wouldn't you want to correct that? My daughter couldn't see pictures in a book. She couldn't see images on the TV. She didn't even know what I looked like before she got glasses. If she didn't have them now, she would be completely blind in one eye, and almost blind in the other. She would not be able to read. I feel completely blessed that she has glasses.
Patches, glasses and exercises are all considered the first line of treatment while surgical options are usually reserved for cases where the improvement via these methods was not enough.
If you want to jump straight to surgery, I would question why you would post in this community in the first place. I would sorry about a surgeon that would be quick with the knife esp when non-surgical interventions usually work very well!
Thank u for supporting me. I don't want sugery for my daughter. I hate hearing it.So, i will try exercise, glasses, or patches. But, if the doctor says that surgery is the last choice, i will, even it's hard to me and my daughter. Nowadays, my daughter consumes 3 parts of chlorophyl extract a day which contains rich of betacarotene that will strengthen the muscle of her eyes

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