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toddler tummy virus

My almost three-year-old son has some sort of stomach virus and has been vomiting steadily since the afternoon.  At this point he's mostly empty, but my attempt to administer ginger ale with a little GSE (which I understand to be useful for nausea and vomiting) was unsuccessful.  (He threw it up.)  He hasn't kept anything down for several hours, not even water.  He's asleep now and I'm downstairs trying to grab a quick dinner and hoping that the worst of it is over.

I have a two questions.

Is there anything I can do for his dry heaves?  He's really miserable.

I'm 19 weeks pregnant, so as I understand it, GSE is not safe for me to use.  Is there anything at all that I can use safely during pregnancy in the hopes of protecting myself from getting what he has?  Obviously it's not a tragedy if I get it, but if it's all the same, I'd rather not!!


Edited to add:  GSE is grapefruit seed extract, in case you're wondering.


elctrolytes. 'smart water' is good, and one the the vitamin water flavours has 'lytes too. one of the purple ones.
I second this suggestion.
I wouldn't give GSE to a vomiting person--I think that would make it worse :-/

Ginger ale/tea in *tiny* sips is a good idea. Watch for signs of dehydration; gatorade or some other electrolyte replacement might be in order.
Try having him suck on ice cubes. It gets in water but in small amounts so that it won't upset an already irritated tummy. It works really well.
Rule of thumb is nothing in the stomach for 24 hours. Then move to the BRATT diet, Bananas,Bread, Rice, Applesauce, Tea and Toast. If he is thirsty let him suck or a juice popsicle or ice cubes.

This is a basic method to recover from vomiting that has been tried and true for centuries. Actually publish in numerous historical homecare books.

If you give him anything while he has dry heaves he will just throw it up. The stomach is still trying to get rid of any and all.
Try a tablespoon of water every hour to prevent dehydration. After a couple of hours, try two tablespoons or switch to electrolyte solution. It's the only thing that worked on our little guy when he was vomiting for over a day. =( The good news is that he didn't get dehydrated and end up in the hospital.

I ditto the pc about not eating for 24 hours. Applesauce tends to be the first thing that will settle for my family, if your toddler complains of hunger. Good luck. ^^;
Red raspberry leaf tea and ginger tea healp with nausea and vommiting. If it is the flu, I highly reccomend Boiron's Occillococcinum. As for you, eat right and wash your hands and all surfaces you touch frequently. Do not touch your face. If necessary wear a mask.

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