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Hyland's teething tablets

So I know that these have been a go to for parents for years. I was just wondering what everyone's feelings are about them after the FDA warning. Would you give them to your infant?

**UPDATE** Thanks everyone! I went ahead and ordered some. We used tylenol last night before bed but I really only want to use it as a last resort not a multiple times a day thing. I did some more digging and was only able to find the original FDA recall notice and the FAQ on the Hyland's page. I found their answers to be thorough and I feel comfortable using this product. Also thanks for all the other tips I will be trying them.


They are one of my favorite items in the medicine cabinet.
My mother was against me giving them to my daughter. We did not use them. I would not give them to others.
They plumb didn't work on my kid. I froze breastmilk and rubbed it on her gums.
They didn't work for my kids, either.
I still use them. they make my kids shut up. well, more the colic tablets. my kids were never bad teethers.
We used them and they worked fine. We also used onion juice on her gums and that worked as well.
Yes, I would.
I wouldn't give them to my kids BEFORE the FDA warning. I don't use Hylands products at all; it really concerns me that they use poisonous plants.
They don't work for us. Tylenol is so much better.
They only work about half of children given to. I did use this and several other products with belladonna for my son and the other children I watch. I always read directions and I spoke to my pediatrician before giving them to my son.
Frozen green onions also work on gums.
Whisky and Rum work on gums. (And on parents who want to not feel the pain of the crying child :) )
Tylenol works.
Pretty much anything frozen is good for them to gnaw on. Baby wash rags frozen. If they can eat solids, frozen waffles. You get the idea!
I would add that an amber teething necklace has done wonderful things for us, check out Inspired by Finn. I will have one for all future children it has made such a difference.

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