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Splashy alternative to a balloon release

Does anyone have any ideas for an alternative to a balloon release? The little league wants our girl scouts to do a balloon release for opening ceremonies and I said 'no', not eco-friendly. So now I have to come up with an alternative. Any ideas would be appreciated.



Well, if they must, a balloon release WITHOUT ribbon is not that bad. Latex does biodegrade (its the ribbon that doesn't). If you don't use any strings or use biodegradable (which still poses a threat to wildlife until it breaks down) you will probably be ok.

I think also that they make cellulose balloons, which are more expensive (I don't know the size of your troop, so that might not be affordable) but biodegrade very quickly.

Other options might be:

-Blowing bubbles with homemade bubble solution
-Kites that the girls can make
-Candle ceremony (less flashy, and would be more fun either early in the morning or in the evening when the candlelight will be more visible)

I can't think of anything else at the moment. Good luck!
The threat to wildlife is the exact reason I said no to a balloon release. Sea turtles confuse the balloons for jellyfish and eat them. Same for plastic grocery bags.

I like the bubble idea.
A butterfly release?
This is what I was thinking. Might be pricey though.
i was at a wedding where a butterfly release went really wrong - i would never recommend one after that....
I have seen them go off really beautifully and then a couple of them that have gone wrong.
personally with young children i would not risk it
Yeah I did not think about that aspect.
Bubbles? Kids love them, right?
maybe tossing colorful rice?
Or popped popcorn in colours?
I think rice is supposed to be harmful to birds, because they can ingest it and then it swells up inside of them. When I got married (and was sooo not eco-conscious) the venue we had our wedding at asked us not to have rice thrown at us for that reason. So people threw bird seed instead. ;)
The bird thing is actually a myth, but there are other reasons you shouldn't throw it. :)
Well...phooey, now I'm embarrassed. Usually I'm pretty good about checking resources, but it just made enough sense that it didn't even occur to me to check. Thanks for clearing that up!
not to mention pilots all over are yelling NOOOOOO

my bfs a pilot and curses whenever he sees a balloon go up.
Bubble wands!!
another vote for bubbles!
Another vote for bubbles! If it's close to strawberry season where you live, those little plastic mesh crates work GREAT.
If there is water at the venue a boat release can be fun. You can make them out of paper or eggshells.
OMG, that's a cute idea. Kind of like James and the Giant Peach.

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