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Oct. 31st, 2015


I'm back! :)

Hello Everyone!

Since I haven't written a post since 2010 I thought I'd start out with a catch up. I'm updating you all on what I've been up to for the past year. I finally got my driver's license and I've been fulfilling my hiking dreams. I've hiked many Pennsylvania and NY trails including the PA Grand Canyon, Rickett's Glen, and Niagra Falls. I've also been doing a lot of gardening and crafting. We bought a house in 2013 and I've been loving having my own garden. I started knitting again, and plan to start spinning soon. Here are all of my projects: http://www.ravelry.com/people/SaveRoom4Pie
Here art the crafty items I have for sale at the moment:

Pictured Above: Some of my hiking and camping adventures 2015

Pictured Above: I've been gardening and crafting

Feels good to be back on livejournal. I've missed all of this. <3

Feb. 27th, 2015

boy yawning


How to Make Hazardous Waste Disposal Fun and Educational for the Kids

Check out these amazing tips in teaching our kids do hazardous waste disposal fun and educational.


fun recycling

May. 28th, 2013




Can you refuse an IV or Hep block during labor? I'm 23 weeks and this is my third pregnancy. I just hate the thought of being "hooked up" to anything but a fetal monitor.

Am I being too extreme with this request or is this just hospital policy?

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Apr. 12th, 2013


Menstrual cups?

I’m 34 weeks along with my second baby, and will hopefully be delivering at home. I’ve been toying with the idea of taking the plunge into the world of menstrual cups when AF returns, but I’m kind of overwhelmed. Baby will be exclusively breast fed, but so was my daughter and AF still came back at 10 weeks postpartum, so that’s why I’m asking now. I was never a fan of tampons. I couldn’t get them in right, and they never fit comfortably. I’ve always been a pad user. I think I’ll get some Mama cloth to have on hand, but I really like the idea of a cup. So, for those of you who use them, what’s your favorite? If it matters, I’m a taller lady, around 5’10”, and have a pretty long vaginal canal.I was looking at the Moon cup on Amazon, but it only has a .8 ounce capacity, which really doesn’t seem like very much. Thoughts? Thanks!

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Nov. 29th, 2012


What's Lazy Eyes?

The Doctor said that my daughter got Lazy Eyes. Does Anybody know about Lazy Eyes and the treatment for this kind of illness? I'm little confused to hear this news.

Oct. 15th, 2012

my sweet rose


Baby wash/soap

What baby wash or soap would you recommend?  We have been using Baby Dove, but now that I'm looking into making my own wipe solution, I would love something as natural as possible.  It needs to be aloe free as I'm allergic.

Aug. 1st, 2012



New article about modern considerations in the field of fish oil

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Jul. 18th, 2012

helix aspersa


natural tooth care

Hi all, my name is Siobhan. My daughter (first baby) is 7 months old & has one tooth halfway in & the one beside it about to burst through, both are on the bottom middle. That information isn't really relevant, but there you go. I usually brush with J.A.S.O.N. brand toothpaste, or baking soda & a drop of tea tree oil myself, but I'm certain the latter isn't appropriate for Clea as tea tree oil can be hard on the kidneys when ingested & too much baking soda ingested can cause a rise in blood pressure, & perhaps any toothpaste at all is unnecessary. I definitely want to avoid fluoride.

I'm wondering what you all did/do in terms of early tooth care, & what are your thoughts on fluoride treatments ?

Thanks in advance, & apologies if there was a tag dealing with this. I checked, but maybe missed something.


Jun. 26th, 2012



Hyland's teething tablets

So I know that these have been a go to for parents for years. I was just wondering what everyone's feelings are about them after the FDA warning. Would you give them to your infant?

**UPDATE** Thanks everyone! I went ahead and ordered some. We used tylenol last night before bed but I really only want to use it as a last resort not a multiple times a day thing. I did some more digging and was only able to find the original FDA recall notice and the FAQ on the Hyland's page. I found their answers to be thorough and I feel comfortable using this product. Also thanks for all the other tips I will be trying them.

Jun. 19th, 2012

hauyu pichu



It's been a perfect year for cabbage, but we have too much to eat fresh so I wanted to make sauerkraut. I don't have a crock, but I do have several very large stainless steal pots. Would it be safe to use these?

Thanks everyone, I'm a little nervous about using canning jars, you are supposed to salt the cabbage down, until the liquid covers the top layer of cabbage, I wonder if the jar would break? I guess that I'll buy a crock.

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